First Honey of the Year!


Just sharing some of our excitement at Croakham Farm with our first honey of the year – 76lb – the first for 3 years as we’ve had no summer for ages so we’re happy with that. The farm next door has been good enough to plant lots of Oil Seed Rape – great for bees and bad for hay-fever…

At one point, a couple of 2-year-old twins, a 6, 8 and 10 year-old were all “helping” at once!

Maybe we will see a decent summer this year.

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  1. I bet the sight of all those jars stacked and labelled makes you feel just great and your bees must be doing well too. Congratulations on the harvest!

    We are just trying to figure out whether the recent influx of ladybirds are the dreaded harlequins or not….

  2. Manuka? Very expensive – I think because, unlike other honey, it has been taken through trials for medical use. Not sure that it has more antibacterial or any other benefits over the rest – including taste. Still to what you have locally!

  3. Just to say – my stepdad’s cousin is a beekeeper so I always bring organic honey back from Poland, but when he will give up I will have to find a decent honey in UK. Do not fancy paing for Hanuka honey. :/

  4. I love your blog. :) I like to bake various breads so I will be checking out this website. Check out my blog for homemade breads, only recently I have made challah. :) Warm regards from cold North Yorks! ;)

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